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Job Details

Natural / ADABAS Developer

By Recruiter on February 26, 2020
Job Type: Full Time
Job Category: Information Technology
Contract Type: Contract

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Salary: Up to R46 900.00 per month
Job Description

Looking for Software Developer Natural ADABAS to research, design, install, test and maintain and enhance software systems write and coding of individual programmes in accordance with ICT standards and the enterprise architecture for Government


Development (e.g. .NET Framework, Java Framework, Other IDE); Portal (e.g. HTML, CSS, JAVA scripting, Portlets with various integrations); Interfacing and Integration (Middleware Technologies); (ISO9001,ISO\IEC12207); Governance Processes and Standards (COBIT, ITIL, UML); Ability to learn new software and third-party technologies independently and integrate them elegantly into existing architectures; Planning and Organising; General Programming Skills; Ability to use one or more development language (C++, PHP, HTML, etc.)

Job Requirements

Minimum: 3 year Diploma / Degree in ICT (Computer Science, Information Systems, Technology and Engineering) or related field. Candidates that do not possess tertiary qualifications may apply provided they have Matric Certificate and 6-8 years’ experience in Natural ADABAS programming Experience: 3-5 years’ experience in Natural ADABAS with full software development lifecycle (SLDC), within systems development, implementation and maintenance / enhancements of solutions in the corporate sector organization.

Job Duties

Develop /Design software or customize software for client use with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency using the organisations' software development stack / development framework; Coordinate software system installation and monitor equipment functioning to ensure specifications are met; Produce detailed specifications and writing the programme codes